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It doesn't seem to matter from individual, couple, or family, people are hurting and struggling to forgive. If wounds were so easily healed, we wouldn't have scars.
Through this workshop, it is my desire to help those who are struggling with un-forgiveness due to hurts, rejection, disappointment, or grief; and to assist in the process and repair to wholeness.

I will teach forgiveness, while emphasizing the Cross, which has made provisions for healing and transformation.

Many of us, yes, even Christians, have suffered in pain. We all have the ability to recognize the cycle of pain and the difficulty to forgive. We can learn how to intervene by the way of the Cross. All healing comes by Christ Jesus and forgiveness is the centerpiece of Christianity.

Dr. Martin can teach this workshop at your church or location of choice. Call now and schedule your workshop and begin the healing process to a better life.


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