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Healing From Un-Forgiveness

“What’s that have to do with what they did to me?’ She spouted

“Learning how to forgive, even when we feel they don’t deserve it, is the greatest gift we can give to someone.”  I could tell by the glare she shot me, she wasn’t receiving this well.

I continued, “Forgiving simply means to “give up” on the hold and torment this has over you, to set yourself free. It doesn’t mean you pardon their actions.

“How can you expect me to forgive them as if this didn’t happen?”  She looked at me as if I couldn’t begin to understand what she had just told me, that I didn’t have a clue or I wouldn’t have even suggested to her to forgive them. How could I?

“You seem to be so bitter and angry, do you really want to live that this? Haven’t you been through enough?” I waited as she looked at me as if time stood still for that moment.

“Forgiving the un-forgivable will be a choice you make. Everything with God, starts with a decision and our minds will go in the direction of our decisions. Forgiveness is an empowering gift that allows you to release yourself from pain and heal. We chose to love someone, we chose to have faith, we chose to forgive.

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