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Healing From Un-Forgiveness

“How important is your salvation?’ I asked.

Intense pain, crying, suffering, anger; all these things Mary Ann has to deal with. Mary Ann is suffering from un-forgiveness. She spends her days re-living the torment her father and her ex-husband put her through. Looking out the window wondering if the pain and hurt will ever end, counting every minute, waiting for her end, she was silent.

With conviction, she tells me most people tell her to get over it, or it was her fault, or it’s just something you have to live with.  After all, why would Christ, whom she says is her savior, inflict her with this kind of suffering?

I laid my pen down so I could listen more intensely. She mentally pulled out the memory and re-lived the whole experience again as she viewed in her mind the latest incident. The viewing grew stronger and stronger as she told her story. She grabbed her stomach as the pain turned in her gut, building even more resentment and hatred inside as she rocked back and forth in front of me. I slowly reach out to hand her a tissue, she took it and wiped her face from the soaking disgust she had shared. She looked up at me and yelled with such hatred, it was like venom projected out from every part of her body.

“I hate them, I hate them all for what they did to me, I will never, never forgive them!”

I waited, in silence. Then she asked the question I had been waiting for.

“How do I go on living?” How do I get through this?’

I peacefully lowered my head and prayed for God to give me the words that she wouldn’t fight. I met her eyes with all the compassion I could draw from within, and with a quiet voice I answered.

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