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Dayton Historical Courthouse

The Old Montgomery County Courthouse in Dayton, OH, is one of the country's finest examples of Greek Revival architecture. Built in 1850, the two-story building was designed by Cincinnati architect Howard Daniels, and modeled after the Theseum, a Greek temple located on the lower slopes of the Acropolis. The courthouse features a front colonnade with Ionic capitals and columns. Through the main entry, the original center hall procession, with brick arches and groin-vault ceilings, leads to the single elliptical-shaped courtroom with a coffered-dome ceiling.

Completed in 1850, the Old Courthouse is considered to be one of the finest examples of Greek Revival style courthouses in the nation.  Constructed of locally quarried Dayton limestone, the Old Courthouse has been at the center of many important events, from campaign stops for current and future Presidents of the United States to being a gathering point for telegraph updates during the Civil War. 


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