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Grace Counseling

Dr. Carol,

After my husband of 50 plus years was taken from me, I was devastated. You are a very godly, special, caring and compassionate
lady. Your prayers meant so much to me. You not only helped me through this time but you really cared about me. You helped me
find assistance and programs to help me. In this awful world, why would anyone not seek a Christian counselor like you? May
God bless you and all those you help.

Mrs. M.P. in Dayton

Dear Dr. Carol,

I know that you don't expect anything or any praise but I just wanted to thank you for being a servant of Christ. I know how many
lives you touch, as I am one of them. Thank you for being a blessing and keeping me accountable, especially your constant and
sincere encouragement. In every thoughtful thing you do, the love of Christ comes shining through!

Thanks from Middletown, OH

Dear Dr. Carol,

I don't know exactly what you did, but I witnessed an unexpected miracle on Thursday. I saw my children's faces turn from devastation to hope, and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for the example of submission to the Holy Spirit that you showed me and my family that day. I am still learning that God's grace is sufficient.

Englewood Mother


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